To the Spirits of the Abandoned Journey

We live in a constant cycle of abandonment and renewal, discarding the old for the new as we strive to build bigger and better facilities — erasing the past in our process. America's cities, towns and countryside are filled with empty, obsolete, and sometimes severely decaying buildings — hospitals, factories, schools and houses. In many cases what we’re allowing to rot are magnificent representations of a by-gone era — their replacements pale in comparison.

And so, Spirits of the Abandoned. A website visually documenting, not only the existence of these often derelict places, but their essence— through the wonderful photographic opportunites they offer. There is such beauty in their decay.

Spirits of the Abandoned, Maryland, the book, was published as part of a MFA thesis project completed at the University of Baltimore. Years later, the journey continues.

Photographing these captivating and enlightening entities will take far more time than I have in one lifetime — but I will continue to seek them out and visually capture as many as I can. Their stories fascinate, sadden and ultimately enthrall some dark side of my nature that is infinitely curious about what was and can never be again.


Spirits of the Abandoned

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2016 News

Friday February 12, Boyce Thompson Arboretum: Spirits of the Abandoned will be offering another "Spirits" themed workshop at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, State Park. The workshop will focus on telling a story with your images. We will be shooting the popular Drover's Shed, a little piece of abandoned Australia in AZ, with a focus on not just taking a snap-shot of an interesting structure but really getting to the heart and soul of it. Register here: more info.